Britney Spears Instagram photos in Topless, Sam Asghari Opposed

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Posted on: 21 Dec, 2022

Britney spears NYC

The spouse of Britney spears nyc, Sam Asghari, has clarified his feelings about how he feels about Britney Spears posting her topless photos online.

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Sam Asghari's thoughts

Sam Asghari had a word with Page Six, a Television entertainment media house in the US. He said, 'The sole person worldwide that gets intimidated of uploading such things.

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Sam added, 'who am I to control someone'

After posting Britney spears photos, Sam added, 'I myself suggested she never uploaded these, but who am I to control someone that has been controlled and under a microscope for most of her life.' Even her sons have been staying away from Britney for months.

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What is going on with Britney spears?

Britney spears Instagram photos don't like by anyone. His ex-husband, Kevin Federline, said, 'Her sons have decided not to see her at the moment. It has been a few months since she uploaded topless Instagram photos. They came to a decision not to attend Britney spears wedding.

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Britney spears deleted the post

Federline added that he and his sons were distressed regarding the accusations that Britney spears shower, labeled on Instagram in April, denied meeting with him when she was pregnant. She was exposed to litigate his ex-wife over Britney spears deleted post.

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Britney Spears and Federline

Britney spears New York and Federline tied the knot between 2004 and 2006. Their wedding relationship was recounted by a reality show 'Britney and Kevin Chaotic.'

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