Brian Kelley’s Hit Songs & His Solo Performance See You Next Summer

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1 – Anything Goes

This track is a fast-paced track that has catchy lyrics. Listeners can enjoy listening to the beautiful harmonies and driving guitar tunes while dancing without anything to worry about. The song conveys a message of taking chances whenever possible.

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2 – Talk you out of it

This song is a mixture of modern country song, R&B and pop. The song has romantic and tempted lyrics that seduces the listeners. The track is emotional yet passionate and intense.

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3 – May we all

This song is sung by Brian and Tyler with another superstar Tim McGraw that enlightens a story of dreams and aspirations of someone who belongs to a small town and dreams of attaining success through hard work.

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4 – H.O.L.Y

H.O.L.Y stands for high on loving you which is also the theme of the song. The song’s lyrics talks about how one feels when he falls in love and how it guzzles every inch of a person.

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5 – Meant to be

The duo collaborated on this song with pop singer Bebe Rexha. The song is a mixture of country and pop music. Rexha’s vocals add a powerful essence to the track. The song is shot in a desert and perfectly balances the composition.

Media Credits : Taste of Country

6 – Cruise

This is one of their most famous and popular songs that goes well on a summer day. The song is about enjoying happy moments with someone special. The duo can be seen driving a truck and enjoying themselves with their friends.

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7 – Get your shine on

This one is a party song and listeners relate it to as a buoyant and fun song with appealing lyrics and a striking chorus. The music video is shot on a boat giving positive vibes.

Media Credits : Taste of Country

8 – God, your mama & me

The duo sang the song with famous Backstreet Boys. The song talks about building a life together with the love of your life. The song is emotive and takes the listeners to their own fantasy world.

Media Credits : The Boot

9 – Stay

It is a heart wrenching ballad that talks about the ache one goes through after a breakup. Song has emotional lyrics with the duo conveying a powerful message.

Media Credits : Taste of Country

10 – Confessio

Confession is an emotional and beautiful song and is a powerful country song. The lyrics talk about how people who love each other find it difficult to confess their true feelings for each other. From the upbeat party hymns to the heartfelt ballads, these songs have created a niche among their fans.

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