Brendan Fraser Took 5 Ice Bags During The Intense Shoot

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Posted on: 13 Dec, 2022

Brendan Fraser

In ‘The Whale’, Brendan Fraser showed a great transformation as part of one of the year's most talked-about performances.

Brendan Played Charlie's Role

Brendan played a Charlie character in the Darren Aronofsky-helmed movie in which he acted as a house-bound of 272 kg English teacher who used to teach students virtually with the assistance of his camera.

Working to salvage the relationship

Brendan is working out to salvage his relationship with the estranged daughter, played by Sadie Sink, as reported by Variety.

Brendan gained weight for the role

Brendan Fraser gained enough weight to play the character, but prosthetics makeup artist Adrien Morot was tasked to transform the actor more dramatically. Adrien relied on 3D printing technology advancements for printing the whole suit.

Brendan and Morot Discuss the Collaboration

For the creative collaborators, Morot and Brendan discuss their collaborations on how a racecar driver and ice bags kept the actor cool and calm during the intense and continuous shooting.

Four or Five Big bags per day

Adrien said, ‘It is those big bags you can get at gas stations when it comes to the cooling system for the suit. I believe that we need to went through four or five ice bags each day.

‘The Whale’, Film started in the Early Winter of 2021

Brendan Fraser talked about the film and said, ‘It began in the early winter of 2021. With a test, it took six hours to get into. I had to undergo the concrete experience of wearing the gear. I need to learn how to ambulate as Charlie’s mobility is limited.’

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