Brendan Fraser Says He Didn't Do George Of The Jungle As The Studio Was Too Cheap

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Posted on: 09 Dec, 2022

George of the Jungle

Brendan Fraser is telling why he didn't do the 1997 George of the Jungle sequel. The Studio released a joke statement that said it was too cheap to hire him.

Replaced by Christopher Showerman

In the sequel, Brendan is replaced by Christopher Showerman in the movie.

The Quiet American

Brendan said that by the time he was approached by the makers. But Brendan wanted to do The Quiet American with Michael Caine as the movie was shot in Vietnam.

Loving Diversity

Brendan spoke of his choices and said he loves to make different choices as it keeps him and the audience interested.

The titular role of George of the Jungle

Brendan played the main lead in the movie, and he spoke about his role. He had to get a ripped body.

Reunion with Adam Sandler

His costar from Airheads, a rock band movie while holding a studio hostage debuting their biggest break

No Carbs

Brendan was deprived of carbs as he had to be lean, and he was even waxed. Once due to his no carbs intake, he couldn't even hide his ATM number. It was a struggle.

The role

Brendan played George Tarzan, a comedy character from his jungle home, and was introduced to the modern world. The fun part is Fraser wears only a loin cloth.

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