The Ever First Appearance Of The Boruto Chapter 81 Has Been Leaked At Adult Kawaki

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All that should be known about the famous Japanese anime Boruto

Boruto is an interesting and continuous series of Naruto which is a famous Japanese anime. Boruto is the son of Naruto and he worked towards winning the battles of the ninja war.

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The history of Boruto and all the truths related to the anime series

The craze that’s going viral on the internet is about the leaked characters of chapter 81 of the Boruto series. The series aims to deliver a message of hardship during the ninja war.

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How different is Naruto which later continued to be showcased as Boruto

Naruto is different from Baruto. Naruto lived his life without his parents as an orphan among the people of his village. He was the father of Boruto.

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The recent spoilers of chapter 81 related to the famous Japanese anime Boruto

It has been trending about the recent spoiler alerts for Boruto which is a continuation of the Naruto series - a Japanese anime. The fans can’t wait to know the actual story.

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What the hype is about Boruto and why are fans going crazy?

The fans of the Boruto series can’t stop drooling over the leaked spoiler of chapter 81 because Boruto seemed to appear on the screen after a break of 4 months.

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The leading appearance of Sarada and Boruto's new version

The spoilers leaked the leading character of Sarada who as expectedly seems beautiful. Chapter 81 also showcases the colored version of Boruto's new design.

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The sudden comeback of Boruto after 4 months

Just after the comeback of 4 months, the hype for Boruto is for real. The new appearance of the colored design, Sarada’s new version, and the appearance of Shikamaru has left fans curious.

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The entry of Code who gets smashed by Sarada leaves the fans curious

It’s seen in the next phase that Code appears to be fighting in rivalry with Sarada. The character of Sarada is shown amazing but she seems to look sad for God knows what reasons.

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The next phase is all about Kawaki Vs Boruto and the win is unpredictable

Just when Kawaki got the instincts of the Boruto's appearance in the series, it got him alert. Boruto got himself on the spot where Kawaki seemed to come.

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The finale of the fight between Kawaki and Boruto and what the future holds

The ongoing battle between the two of them will decide the future of the series if either Boruto will be able to defeat Kawaki or if Kawaki will win against him

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Let’s see what the creators of Boruto have to say about the coming chapter 81

Chapter 81 holds a lot of suspense, thrill, action, and emotions. You’ll binge-watch the chapter as it will be a lengthy one compared to the ones that are showcased before.

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