Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless Share One Big Bad Problem - and It's Entirely Fixable

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Posted on: 29 Jul, 2022

Bold & Beautiful and Young & Restless Share One Big Bad Problem - and It's Entirely Fixable!

How do you make a good soap? Star-crossed lovers, complicated families, good guys trying to do the right thing, and bad guys doing exactly the opposite. There is one thing The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless don't have: bad guys.

Since Ray Wise played the nefarious Ian Ward on Young & Restless in 2016, we haven't seen a mustache-twirling villain on the show.

Sheila Carter's return to Bold & Beautiful marks the show's first time ever having a bonafide baddie around... Well, since the last time Sheila appeared!

Rinse, lather, and repeat

Would we mind talking about Sheila for a moment? It's no secret that she's infamous. Short of Stefano DiMera from Days of Our Lives, she is arguably the most legendary villain of daytime. So we understand why sister soaps that share her bring her back periodically. At this point, it is no longer 'now and again' but 'now and again and again and again.'

As a replacement for Sheila's original role as a baby-snatching husband-swiper with a British accent, Young & Restless gave us Sheila with a fake nose. We got Sheila as Phyllis. In Sarah Fenmore, who played Lipstick Lauren, it gave us Sheila-but-not-really.

Sheila played Mommie Dearest to daughter Erica/Mary on Bold & Beautiful. As a result, Sheila became the queen of the jungle. Finally, it gave us Sheila the Finn Finnegan-obsessed Nurse Ratched and Sheila the Eric Forrester-obsessed Il Giardino waitress.

William J. Bell, co-creator of both soaps, was fantastic at introducing memorable antagonists back then. Anyone who has watched Young & Restless for a long time remembers Lorie Brooks' monster-in-law Vanessa Prentiss, who hid her scars - and her diabolical plots! — hidden behind a curtain?

Yes, we remember them - just as much as we remember the days when Bell's more recent unhinged hell-raisers made the rounds, like Young & Restless' Michael Baldwin (who ripped through a freaking wall to attack Christine Blair!) and Phyllis Summers ('The Bug' and Paul Williams were roadkill twice) or Bradley Bell's Bold & Beautiful psycho Morgan DeWitt. (We have tried to erase the image of her in that clown costume from our minds, but we can't!)

Where do we ask, who is the next Lisa or David? Who will be the next Phyllis or Morgan? Soaps that are really good require really bad characters. What about Rapunzel-haired Lisa Mansfield, who once held Brad Carlton in a cage rather than let him escape twice? What about David Kimble, who was crushed to death in a trash compactor in the most apropos of endings in soap history?

As bad as Ashland Locke is on Young & Restless, he's bad with a lowercase B. His future wife's baby was given away and he plotted to blow up his entire family, yet he still receives romantic leads and antihero status.

Young & Restless and Bold & Beautiful are capable of creating new villains who can spin webs that resemble knots. It is our hope that they will once again do so.

Day of Our Lives does it (cycles through new stars like Shiloh, Peter August and Esme Prince), as does General Hospital (which has a bench stacked with baddies). It's time for Young & Restless and Bold & Beautiful to follow suit. Getting ready for the comments...

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