30 Dec, 2022


Bob Penny, Actor Of Forrest Gump And Sweet Home Alabama, Dies At 87

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About Bob Penny

Alabama professor and actor Bob Penny, who had minor roles in movies like Forrest Gump and Sweet Home Alabama, died at 87.

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Bob Penny’s Death

According to an obituary from Huntsville's Laughlin Service Funeral Home, Bob Penny died on Christmas Day. The cause of death has not been opened up yet.

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Bob Penny’s Professional Life

Bob Penny Born in Anniston in 1935, Bob Penny was a poet who spent three decades as an English professor, mostly teaching poetry and prose at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the sources reported.

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The Campaign

During the 1980s, Bob Penny found work on the side acting in TV commercials for a local department store and a United Way campaign in Atlanta.

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A Lucky Man

Bob Penny got deeper into acting after retiring from the university in 1990. Then the movies began to come; Bob Penny told the sources in 2008; He was lucky. He had these small roles, but they helped pay the mortgage.

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The Film Credits

Bob Penny's other film credits included the movies Mississippi Burning, My Cousin Vinny and The Legend of Bagger Vance, and The TV series In the Heat of the Night.

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The Acting

When he wasn't acting in films, Bob Penny took part in theatre productions in Birmingham, where he performed onstage in plays, including The Odd Couple and Don Juan in Hell.

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Rhonda Erbrick’s Statement

Bob Penny captured our hearts at the Birmingham Festival Theater and put everything into his work. She added that Bob Penny has always been an actor and fun.

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