19 Dec, 2022


Black Adam failed at box office, and DC Universe underwent major change

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Wonder Woman 3 was scrapped, numerous characters were recast, the plot of Superman was rewritten, and Henry Cavill was relieved of his duties, setting off a firestorm within the DC Universe.

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Black Adam failed at box office

Things have changed drastically since the Co-CEOs were chosen. After Black Adam failed to perform well at the box office, questions were widely circulated concerning what will happen to the movie's future.

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New Co-CEO's announced

There is no denying that since James Gunn and Peter Safran were hired to work on the DC Universe, there has been a new update or piece of news making headlines every other day.

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Black Adam's worst disaster

Despite tremendous marketing efforts, excitement, and expectation, Black Adam failed to leave an impression on the audience.

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Black Adam's box office

Both critics and fans had conflicting opinions of it, and even at the box office, it could only have made $389.5 million.

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Superman's early life

Despite many efforts, the team behind Black Adam decided to focus on Superman's early years rather than bringing back Henry Cavill's Superman as a cameo.

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No Black Adam sequel

The Rock's poor box office results and Henry's departure strongly suggest that a sequel to Black Adam won't be made.

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Black Adam's destiny

According to FandomWire, James Gunn discussed Superman's significance in the DC Universe but withheld many details about Black Adam's destiny.

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