How Blac Chyna Co-Parents Maintain Healthy Co-parenting with exes Rob Kardashian and Tyga

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Blac Chyna has come a remarkably long way in transforming her formerly fractious co-parenting relationships with exes Tyga and Rob Kardashian. The model and entrepreneur recently gave an exclusive tell-all interview opening up about how she now maintains peaceful co-parenting situations for the sake of her two beloved kids- 10-year-old son King with Tyga and 6-year-old daughter Dream with Rob.

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On Co-Parenting with Tyga

Chyna and Tyga had an extremely tumultuous relationship from 2011 to 2014 that ended in an exceptionally bitter breakup. They endured constant disputes and drama over custody arrangements, child support payments, and visitation rights regarding their son King for years afterwards. Chyna says that over time, the bitterness and wounds from their past romantic relationship have gradually healed. She asserts that they are now able to focus completely on prioritizing King health, happiness and well-being. Chyna states that she respects Tyga deeply as King biological father and that they are now able to communicate effectively and coordinate smoothly regarding King schedule and needs.

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On Co-Parenting with Rob Kardashian

Chyna and Rob Kardashian also went through an incredibly painful public breakup in 2016 that involved lawsuits, restraining orders and serious accusations of abuse from both sides. Chyna says that she and Rob have put in the hard work of conflict resolution in order to peacefully co-parent their daughter Dream and that they came to the profound realization that Dream happiness and future is infinitely more important than their past drama. She further states that they now have an amicable co-parenting relationship and are able to communicate constructively regarding Dream schedule and well-being.

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On Khloe Kardashian Role

Rob Kardashian sister Khloe called herself as Dream third parent on their family reality show. Blac Chyna said she appreciates the close bond between Dream and Khloe daughter True and also emphasized that she is very happy Dream who has such a large loving extended family from both her mom and dad sides. The doting mom stated she welcomes and has no problem at all with auntie Khloe being involved in playing a parental role in raising her daughter Dream.

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On Her Cosmetic Changes

Chyna also candidly discussed her recent decisions to dissolve facial fillers and undergo breast and butt reduction surgeries. She explained that she wanted to reverse some of her previous cosmetic work in order to feel more in touch with her natural inner beauty and that she hopes to inspire other women to embrace their natural looks. The entrepreneur mother asserted that she now feels more confident and fully herself than ever before in her own skin.

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Blac Chyna has truly evolved into a devoted mature mother focused on peacefully and effectively co-parenting with exes Tyga and Rob Kardashian for the well-being of her beloved children.

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