24 Jul, 2023


Beyonce & Barbie: Pink Metallic Fun!

By FactsWow Team

A stage full of grace

Beyonce wows in pink metallic bodysuit at Renaissance Visit!

Media Credits: Hollywood life

Photos on the Instagram

The style and popular music symbol, 41, shared a couple of snaps of the unbelievable troupe to her Instagram on July 22, flaunting a pink closet that would have Margot Robbie very envious.

Media Credits: Hollywood life

Shining with the outfits

Enveloped with a shining undergarment, matching trimmed coat, and thigh-high boots, Beyonce was the second in a few days of Barbie minutes.

Media Credits: Hollywood life

The best performer

Another supporter stated, 'She comprehends the effect of Barbie and designs likewise,' at this point, one more shared, 'This Barbie is the best living performer.

Media Credits: Hollywood life

Participation of the siblings

The fan cut donned the text, 'POV: I saw Beyoncé's 3 youngsters from my seat at Renaissance Visit,' however it was hazy assuming Rumi's twin sibling, Sir, was in participation.

Media Credits: Hollywood life

Expressing the outfit

Minutes after Blue's most ardent follower held up her astounding sign, Blue was seen back in the stands close to Rumi, shaking a similar outfit she did in front of an audience.

Media Credits: Hollywood life

Movement with the concentration

Blue Ivy probably concentrated on the movement when she was spotted behind the stage at Beyonce's Renaissance Visit at the Companions Field in Sweden on May 10.

Media Credits: Hollywood life

Tunes are traverse

Close by her father, Jay-Z, Blue Ivy bopped her head to her notable parent's legendary setlist traversing 36 tunes.

Media Credits: Hollywood life

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