Best Eye Makeup For This Christmas Season!

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 15 Dec, 2022

Black Glitter smokey eyes

Are you attending a party this Holiday season? Then these Black Glitter smokey eyes are the perfect match for any colored outfit and, with a sprinkle of glitter, does the magic.

Credits: MyGlamm

Brown Smokey eyes

If you are not a fan of black smokey eyes, perhaps brown is for you. This job can be done by blending brown from highlighter and a contour palette sealed with glitter eyeliner.

Credits: Beautifully Me

Dark green eyes

Choosing the right green that perfectly balances your skin color is what embraces the eyes to look bold with a perfect golden wing or with a black wing eyeliner.

Credits: Wallpaper flare

Snowflake Christmas eyes

Ice blues and snowflake white glittered with thick silver eyeliners and ice blue shadows with thick eyelashes and a snowflake design at the corner go the way.

Credits: Fab Mood

Santa cap eye makeup

This looks good with high aligned eyebrows coated with green, red thick wings blend at the out with red glitters and white on the bottom eyelids, highlighting with white eyeliner and cornered with a round.

Credits: Fab Mood

Blue Christmas eye makeup

With blue highlighter from the contour, thickened at the bottom eye and lightened with sprinkled glitter in the inner eye corner and blue shade at the bottom eye gives a complete winter look.

Credits: Pinterest

Sweet candy cane eye makeup

White eyeliner thickened on the eyelids and strips on the coated white give a candy cane look, drawing the outline with a black eyeliner with a light pinkish shade at the eyes' bottom with white glitters sprinkled lightly under and over the eyelids.

Credits: Pinterest

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