You Won’t Believe These 20 Comedy Movies Are The Best Ever

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A Hard Day’s Night (1964) The Beatles’ Hilarious Musical Adventure

This classic film follows the Fab Four rushing to a live TV performance facing obstacles like a mischievous grandfather and obsessed fans. It is a tribute to the Beatles' undeniable charisma and charm with catchy songs and witty humor.

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La La Land (2016) The Romantic Comedy That Swept the Oscars

This modern musical stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as struggling artists who fall in love in LA. Their relationship is tested as they pursue dreams. Dazzling cinematography, choreography, and music pay homage to classic Hollywood.

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The Kid (1921) Charlie Chaplin’s Classic Silent Film

Charlie Chaplin stars as the Tramp who adopts an abandoned baby in this comedy-drama masterpiece. Their bond grows as they scheme for money until authorities threaten to take the kid away. Chaplin's genius shines through.

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Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019) Quentin Tarantino’s Love Letter to the 60s

This film follows an actor and stunt double-facing industry changes set in 1969 LA while Sharon Tate encounters the Manson cult. Tarantino crafts a nostalgic revisionist fairytale of old Hollywood.

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The Big Sick (2017) The True Story of a Cross-Cultural Romance

Kumail Nanjiani stars as himself in this film based on his romance with Emily Gordon across cultural divides. Kumail faces his feelings and future when Emily falls into a coma. An insightful crowd-pleaser about identity and love.

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Singing in the Rain (1952) The Ultimate Hollywood Musical

This film follows the transition from silent films to talkies in 1920s Hollywood and is considered one of the greatest musicals ever. Iconic scenes, dances, and humor culminate in a classic about the magic of moviemaking.

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The Farewell (2019) The Heartwarming Comedy About Family and Culture

Awkwafina stars in this film based on director Lulu Wang's life. Her character struggles with her Chinese family's decision to not tell their terminally ill grandmother she is dying. A touching and funny take on family bonds vs. cultural differences.

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A Night at the Opera (1935) The Marx Brothers’ Masterpiece of Slapstick

The Marx Brothers create comedic chaos while helping opera singers in 1930s New York in this fast-paced slapstick masterpiece. The Brothers spoof and sabotage the elite world of opera and high society in memorable scenes and musical numbers with iconic wit.

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Ghostbusters (1984) The Supernatural Comedy That Became a Cult Classic

Three shunned scientists start a ghost-catching business in New York City in this beloved supernatural romp. They try to save the city from paranormal threats with proton packs and witty banter. The special effects and humor hold up brilliantly.

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Airplane! (1980) The Parody That Spoofed Every Disaster Movie

This absurdist parody takes every cliché of 1970s disaster films to ridiculous comic heights. Leslie Nielsen's deadpan delivery of lines like 'I am serious...and don't call me Shirley' cement its status as one of the greatest comedies ever made.

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Young Frankenstein (1974) Mel Brooks’ Hilarious Horror Homage

Gene Wilder stars as the grandson of the infamous Dr. Frankenstein who inherits his castle and experiments. This parody earned two Oscar nominations and is considered one of the best comedies ever full of references and jokes spoofing classic Universal monster films.

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National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) The College Comedy That Launched a Genre

This raunchy comedy follows a group of misfits in a rebellious fraternity in 1962 constantly clashing with rivals and authorities. It launched many careers and influenced countless campus comedies to come inspired by the writers' own college days

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) The Comedy That Redefined Absurdity

The Monty Python troop wrote and starred in this spoof of King Arthur's quest for the Holy Grail. Surreal humor, satire, and anachronisms punctuate their encounters with killer rabbits, rude Frenchmen, and the Knights who say 'Ni!' A uniquely absurd cult classic.

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Annie Hall (1977) Woody Allen’s Seminal Romantic Comedy

Woody Allen wrote, directed, and starred in this comedy-drama exploring love and relationships. Diane Keaton won an Oscar as the title character with uniquely creative techniques like breaking the fourth wall. Regarded as one of Allen's finest films and the best romantic comedies ever.

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Raising Arizona (1987) The Coens' Quirky Crime Caper

The Coen Brothers directed this offbeat comedy about an ex-con and cop who resort to kidnapping a tycoon quintuplet. It gained a cult following despite initially bombing at the box office with fast dialogue, visual style, and eccentric characters. A one-of-a-kind zany farce.

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The Hangover (2009) The Outrageous Bachelor Party Gone Wrong

This smash hit comedy follows friends trying to piece together a wild Las Vegas bachelor party they can not remember. Outrageous surprises involving Mike Tyson, tigers, drugs, and more ensue. It became one of the highest-grossing R-rated comedies ever with great word-of-mouth.

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The Dictator (2012) Sacha Baron Cohen’s Risky Political Satire

Sacha Baron Cohen plays the tyrannical ruler of a fictional country who comes to America and is replaced by a lookalike. This controversial comedy spoofs real-life dictators and features Cohen's signature outrageous gags. Reviews were mixed but it found an audience.

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Ted (2012) Seth MacFarlane’s Raunchy Talking Teddy Bear Comedy

Seth MacFarlane voiced and directed this hit comedy about a living teddy bear causing problems for his adult owner and girlfriend. It became MacFarlane's successful feature directorial debut and spawned a sequel full of pop culture jokes and crude humor.

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Horrible Bosses (2011) Plotting Elaborate Murders for Awful Superiors

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis play disgruntled friends who devise a twisted plan to kill their overbearing bosses. This surprise critical and box office hit spawned a 2014 follow-up with an all-star cast, dark humor, and twists.

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Vacation (2015) The Next Generation Griswold Family Road Trip

Ed Helms stars as Rusty Griswold who echoes his dad's disastrous family vacation. Cameos and references to the comedy classics abound in this nostalgic yet raunchy update. Reviews were mixed but it performed decently appealing to fans of the original series.

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