02 Jan, 2023


Best Are Now Coming In 2023; What’s That Read On!

By FactsWow Team

Elon Musk’s Plans

The business genius Elon Musk plans to improve Twitter by magnifying all the bad sides of the social media site and banishing anyone who can offer consistent, non-racist thoughts.

Media Credits: News 18

Donald Trump’s Realization

Donald Trump knows he faces more criminal investigations than he owns hotels. One of Elon Musk's spacecraft is set to flee to Russia as soon as the legal barriers are closed.

Media Credits: POLITICO

The Shorts As Office Wear

After years by lobbyists against this domineering pants industry, shorts are accepted as official workwear.

Media Credits: Goal .com

The Tragedy

From the Great Shorts Awakening comes tragedy. Hundreds of American men would die of envy if the public were constantly exposed to my intricately sculpted manly calves.

Media Credits: Goal .com

About Kanye West

Kanye West will shut up once he and Elon Musk are the only people on Twitter. After that, Kanye West continues his activities. Neither does Elon musk.

Media Credits: Teslarati

The Florida Governor

The Republican plan to make Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the post-Trump presidential candidate will fail miserably if non-Florida Americans find DeSantis to be an unusually verbal and unnecessarily mean toad.

Media Credits: NBC News

The Ukrainian Military

Brave Ukrainian military will resent Russians over beef stroganoff and President Vladimir Putin will be sacked. Russian oligarchs are briefly considering using new resident Trump as a puppet president.

Media Credits: Yahooo

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