Below Deck Down Under viewers think Margot needs to friendzone Harry

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Talk about Boatmance

The fans who are watching Below deck down are as of now already becoming bore after seeing the “boatmance' of Harry and Margot's. In episode 9 of season 2 the Harry arranged a romantic date for Margot, which is decorate by a charcuterie board and the most beautiful and perfect sunset view. However, in spite of the romantic arrangement, fans accept that there is a lack of chemistry between both of them.

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Indeed, Margot accepted that the date between them turned out poorly, Also the discussion was lacking he admitted to the cameras. In spite of Harry’s also tried his maximum effort to win the heart of Margot, From the start the Wisconsin local has been also hesitant about the feelings of her for the deckhand.

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Absence of Chemistry Between them

However, due to their absence of regular chemistry, fans thinks that she really wants to 'rip off the bandaid' and already want to friend zone him. Since the very first moment from the Below Deck Down Harry wanted to win the heart of Margot .

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From the Beginning

Already from the beginning of the moment Margot said that she didn't want to see the twenty four old girl in a heartfelt light. However with going time the fans start to enjoy the expected relationship with him.

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Margot loves Harry

Despite the fact that Harry already loves by Margot .Margot affection for Harry appear to be more dispassionate than whatever else. But near future the feeling for Margot by harry doesn't seem like his romantic relationship with her going to end at any point.

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Fans Opinions

According to fan thinking the Margot has a commitment for Harry's turn down so he can move on , and already it doesn't seem like that they're in total agreement. One of the Fan also stated that on the Below Deck Down Under Subreddit that its seem like Margon tried to force herself for like Harry and also said that please accept my apologies One more fan answered on this that This is totally the one sided love or nothing else. 'Definitely, does she realize she doesn't need to like somebody back since they're keen on her?' another fan comment on that.

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On the Boat

However on the boat, when Like and Laura were occupied somewhere else, Meanwhile the Harry and Margot are eating dinner together where they had discussion about their situation ship.Also he told the Below Duck Down Under cast crew about her intentions that she wanted anyone with whom she mess or fun with for the upcoming 5 weeks or accompany somebody, with whom she made connection and afterward kissed her.

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On the very next morning, harry was excited as because he believed that he imagined that harry kissed Margot. Meanwhile she also noticed that she doesn't know about her sentiments and feelings and she don't want to cozy herself with him. The Below Deck Down Under boss forced herself to stay with him.

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