13 May, 2022


‘Below Deck’ cast Eddie Lucas: Cast was underpaid in comparison to ‘Housewives ‘

By FactsWow Team

Eddie Lucas, who starred in Below Deck, is chilling in his hometown Baltimore, Maryland. 37-year-old Lucas bought his first house at the beginning of this year. The actor paid more than $330,000, the asked price, to snag it.

However, the Bravo series, veteran is in its ninth season right now – his journey to find the perfect home for himself was not a bed of roses.

Lucas shared that his goal was always to settle down, grow some roots and buy a house. But, it is not as simple and easy as it seems. It is pretty tricky for people of his generation and age as the prices of houses the way they are and student loan debt skyrocketing.

Though, life on the water helped a bit. The yacht industry gave him a foundation to attain these goals, but he still had student loans to pay.

Despite being a reality stars, top-rated Bravo series, with ratings exceeding even ,Real Housewives,, they don,t get as much pay as reality stars of other shows. 

Lucas claimed that somebody,s body is monetizing the show, but it is not the show,s stars. Below Deck is the most popular show on Bravo, but still, they,re the least paid cast.

Even though they make so much effort and have to get a special license for what they do, it frustrates them when they see other reality stars make millions.

Though they get better paid than normal yachtie, they don,t make as much as people working in other shows like Housewives. It feels a little bad as they aren,t doing anything apart from going out on dinners and fighting, explained Lucas.

Lucas replied that the career in yachting was due to the two-weeks-off, two-weeks-on schedule; it has so many possibilities for new adventures.

The yachting industry was simply a means to an end for him. People get attracted to it due to the glamour, traveling to different parts of the world, fun, and getting paid for it. It is fantastic! said Lucas. He thinks it is the same for many people who spend a lot of time in this industry.

He added that people who stay in this industry for longer durations realize how beneficial this industry can be for them. Currently, he is just trying to settle there with his family.

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