29 Dec, 2022


Bella Thorne Was Nearly Fired From Disney For Wearing A Bikini At The Age Of 14

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Bella Thorne Almost Lost Her Job

Actress Bella Thorne was a staple on the Disney Channel for many years, but she almost lost her job when she was 14.

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The EmRata Podcast

During Tuesday’s episode of Emily Ratajkowski‘s High Low With EmRata podcast, Bella Thorne opened up about many instances where she felt she was sexualized as a young girl, reports Variety.

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The Beach Scenes

One time, Bella Thorne said that she almost got fired off the Disney Channel because she was 14, and she wore a two-piece on the beach.

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Bella Thorne And The Stylist

Bella Thorne added that the stylist she was hanging out with put this chain on her, like, a body chain. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t care. There was a fan; they got a photo of her on the beach. She almost got fired. It was viral.

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Shake It Up

Bella Thorne, who starred opposite Zendaya on ‘Shake It Up’ from 2010 to 2013, explained that people were “putting Disney Channel under pressure” to fire her, but ultimately they didn’t.

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Public’s Opinion

People were like; they are getting a lot of heat for this. Everyone’s getting heat for this because she was in a bikini on a beach, so she needs to make sure she goes out in boy shorts and a loose t-shirt next time she’s there.

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The Scenes With Director

She had a director give her feedback once, and she was 10. The casting director calls his agent, and the agent calls her mom, and they were like, So she’s not moving forward because the director felt like she was flirting with him, and it made him uncomfortable, Bella Thorne said.

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Bella Thorne’s Anger!

What the f*k is he talking about, man?! She doesn’t give a f**k what the f**k she said! She doesn’t care if she said, ‘Eat her p**y right now!’ She was ten years old. Why ever would he think that?”

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