09 May, 2022


Because of Kendall Jenner's star power, Sophie Turner turned down the Met Gala after party

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During her appearance on ,The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon,, Sophie Turner talked about her relationship with Joe Jonas, her new HBO show, and her experience at the Met Gala.

Her comments here discuss how starstruck she was by a variety of celebrities, including Kendall Jenner.

  Are you still star-struck?” asked Fallon. “Yes. You know I,m terrible around celebrities. Turner said, ,I can,t believe that I am actually invited to these things and that I am not like a competition winnernd say, ,I don,t want anything to do with you,,, she said.

Whenever she comes across a celebrity, she acts out or says stupid things, but she,s really screamin, with excitement. Whenever a celebrity interacts with me recently, I immediately cut them off and say, ,I don,t want anything to do with you,,, she said.

  Turner then discussed her meeting with Kendall Jenner. Is she familiar to you?” she asked the crowd, making them laugh.

I love the Kardashians, but she,s stunning in real life, and I was so taken by her beauty. They were having this low-key after-party, and she asked me, ‘Would you like to come?,, she asked.

 ,And I said ,no. Then I just sat in bed and ate pasta, thinking, ,I could be somewhere else right now.n,t.,

  In addition to Joe Jonas, Turner talked about how one time, trying to impress her, he told her that some people compared him to a young George Clooney, which she quickly denied. She replied, ,No, you don,t.,

Sophie Turner currently stars in ,The Staircase,, based on the true story of Kathleen Peterson. ,She fell down the stairs or was pushed down by someone and later died,, Turner said of the real-life case that inspired the show and the Netflix documentary that went viral immediately.

In the documentary, we follow the trail of her husband, Michael Peterson, who is accused of pushing her down the stairs.

The show is about that, but it isn,t another presentation of the same story, it is about the making of the documentary on top of the case that is ongoing. Corruption is layered upon layered,, she said.

Colin Firth, Toni Collette, and others star in ,The Staircase., HBO Max is currently streaming the first three episodes

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