Bad Bunny and Brad Pitt Square Off in the bullet train opening sequence

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Posted on: 23 Dec, 2022

New footage!

Sony's panel at CinemaCon brought plenty of surprises, and new footage for the action film Bullet Train was also revealed.

Credits: News18

No new trailer!

There was no new trailer for the Movie Bullet Train, and those got something even better: the film opened in 10 minutes.

Credits: No-Guilt Life

Starting off!

Brad Pitt Ladybug gets a call from a woman offering him a job, then heads off into the streets of Tokyo and the subway. He retrieves weapons from the locker but does leave his gun behind

Credits: Yahoo Movies UK

Assassin characters!

Once Ladybug boards the train, meet characters, including Aaron-Taylor Johnson's Tangerine and Tyree Henry's Lemon.

Credits: Page Six

Retrieve a briefcase!

To retrieve a briefcase, Ladybug winds up in an altercation with a knife-wielding foe Wolf, played by Bad Bunny.

Credits: Entertainment Tonight

Statement of the film director!

The film director David Leitch stated, ‘All of us at 87 North Productions are 100% committed to cinema experience and we are making films during Covid and mask we were sure it would be in a cinema and we made it the movie for the big screen’.

Credits: Depositphotos

Check out the film!

Bullet Train'' was released in theatres on August 5, 2022, and it is the best way to watch it on the big screen.

Credits: People Magazine

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