23 Dec, 2022


Bad Bunny and Brad Pitt Square Off in the bullet train opening sequence

By FactsWow Team

New footage!

Sony's panel at CinemaCon brought plenty of surprises, and new footage for the action film Bullet Train was also revealed.

Credits: News18

No new trailer!

There was no new trailer for the Movie Bullet Train, and those got something even better: the film opened in 10 minutes.

Credits: No-Guilt Life

Starting off!

Brad Pitt Ladybug gets a call from a woman offering him a job, then heads off into the streets of Tokyo and the subway. He retrieves weapons from the locker but does leave his gun behind

Credits: Yahoo Movies UK

Assassin characters!

Once Ladybug boards the train, meet characters, including Aaron-Taylor Johnson's Tangerine and Tyree Henry's Lemon.

Credits: Page Six

Retrieve a briefcase!

To retrieve a briefcase, Ladybug winds up in an altercation with a knife-wielding foe Wolf, played by Bad Bunny.

Credits: Entertainment Tonight

Statement of the film director!

The film director David Leitch stated, ‘All of us at 87 North Productions are 100% committed to cinema experience and we are making films during Covid and mask we were sure it would be in a cinema and we made it the movie for the big screen’.

Credits: Depositphotos

Check out the film!

Bullet Train'' was released in theatres on August 5, 2022, and it is the best way to watch it on the big screen.

Credits: People Magazine

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