19 Dec, 2022


Avatar: The Way of Water: Russia to legalize pirated screening as Disney retreats screening amid Russia-Ukraine war

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James Cameron's new Avatar sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, is screening in Russia with a pirated film version.

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Avatar 1 release

Avatar: The Way of Water follows the movie Avatar, released in 2009.

Credits: ScreenCrush

Disney retreat

Disney has delayed Avatar 2's Russian release due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Credits: Filmfare.com

Russia to legalize pirated copies

Russia chose to disclose the movie viewing unexpectedly and is planning to legalize pirated copies of the film to release Avatar: The Way of Water across the nation.

Credits: Variety

Russia screening the Avatar sequel

Russian theatre owners have zero regrets about screening the pirated version of Avatar: The Way of Water.

Credits: Koimoi

Russian source

According to the Russian news source Izvestia, cited in FandomWire, Europe can legally sell pirated versions of movies.

Credits: Koimoi

Cost on screening Avatar sequence

Theater owners are willing to pay between $790 and $15,820, depending on the quality. Other small-theater operators are fine with displaying movies made on camcorders.

Credits: The New York Times

Russia gets assistants

With assistance from the Ministry of Culture, Russia also intends to make viewing films through pirated copies acceptable.

Credits: CNN

Middleman eliminated

A middleman from Hollywood usually certifies the movie's showing before it is permitted. The Association of Cinema Owners is currently pursuing a new measure that would enable them to achieve their goals without having to deal with Hollywood.

Credits: Hindustan Times

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