17 Dec, 2022


Avatar: The Way Of Water Is Being Compared To Ranbir-Alia’s “Brahmastra”

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An Avatar sequel

A thirteen-year-long wait for an Avatar sequel has ended with the release of 'Avatar: The Way Of Water' on Friday, December 16.

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Box Office Smash Hit

The film, a follow-up to the James Cameron box office smash hit, has won praise from movie critics and fans alike.

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Twitter Reviews

Those queued up at theaters to catch the early screenings have flooded Twitter with their reviews and honest feedback about the film.

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Audience Impressed With The Movie

Audiences have applauded the new installment for its technical 'brilliance'; however, only some were universally impressed with The Way of Water.

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The Long-Running Time

Some objected to the long running time, while others said they weren't drawn to the story.

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Avatar 2

These reviews gave way to many Desi fans drawing comparisons between 'Avatar 2' and the recent Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer 'Brahmastra' directed by Ayan Mukerji.

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The Reaction On Twitter

A Twitter user responded to the tweet by saying, 'Well, it's basically the American version of Brahmastra. The graphics are great, but the writing is just as bad.'

Credits: Variety

Fan’s Comment

Another fan said He is not comparing, but all the reviews seem like brahmastra's visually stunning story, and the screenplay is lag. Please tell anyone how the film is as he is planning to see it.'

Credits: JanBharat Times

The Negative Tweet

Another said, 'Same like Brahmastra then. No matter how s**t, the feeling will only come in the theater.'

Credits: CinemaBlend

3D Technology Movie

The Way Of Water comes 13 years after the first film wowed audiences with groundbreaking 3D technology and became the highest-grossing film of all time with $2.9 billion in ticket sales.

Credits: Boss Hunting

Advance 3D Images

The sequel features more advanced 3D images showing the aquatic life of Pandora's lush moon.

Credits: Filmfare

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