21 Dec, 2022


Avatar: The Way of Water grossed $ 500 million worldwide in less than a week

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The Sequel

Avatar: The Way of Water is blasting the box office collection. The movie was released on Friday and has already crossed $ 500 million worldwide.

Credits: The New York Times

While Domestically, the movie made $ 135 million in these four days, and internationally it made $ 301 million at the box office. Hence the total global collection is $ 435 million if actual numbers are considered.

Credits: CNN

The cast includes Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Kate Winset, and Stephen Lang.

Credits: The Walt Disney Company

The movie covers the story of Jake, played by Sam, and Neytiri, played by Saldana, and their families. It covers all the lengths and challenges they overcome to protect and safeguard their families.

Credits: SceenCruch

James Cameron has directed Avatar: The Way of Water. He discussed the trouble and challenges behind directing the massive movie. It is a highly anticipated movie of 2009 and a sci-fi blockbuster, so the pressure is real. It is the highest-ranking movie from a decade ago.

Credits: NerdPool

In the Jimmy Fallon show, he joked that directing the movie made him cry. He said the budget for the movie is $ 237 million. The sequel was very expensive.

Credits: Hitek

Cameron recalls talking to the studio members of the 20th Century, and the movie has been the worst case in history. The movie should have been the third or fourth to break all the records back then.

Credits: The New York Times

In 2021 during the on and offshoot of Avatar, Cameron discussed the challenges of the Pandemic and if the installment shoots of Avatar would do the justice. He was extremely tended about Avatar's success.

Credits: Koimoi

According to James Cameron, the biggest problem is Will Avatar makes good money at the box office. He has also directed big movies like Titanic, which recently celebrated 25 years. James thinks the post-pandemic is a different era, and it shakes the box office numbers here and there.

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