21 Dec, 2022


Avatar: The Way of Water Faces Heavy Boycott By American Natives

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Avatar: The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water has gained huge success at the movie box office with great numbers. As it was released on December 16, the movie was estimated to be around Rs. 1500 crore worldwide.

Credits: The Hollywood Reporter

The film observed a drop of 50%

Since the movie was released, it took the tickets by storm through viewers but saw a decline of 50% on Monday. Avatar pursued several audiences to the theaters, though it had been mired in controversial issues.

Credits: Xfire

American Natives called for a Boycott

When the owners of South theater refused to show the movie within the region, it was called for a boycott by American Natives. Social media users suspected the director of viewing the movie to Native Americans and indicating it as Indigenous cultural appropriation.

Credits: Not Even Past

The movie showed various indigenous cultures

One Twitter thread wrote about the director, James Cameron, ‘appropriating the histories and cultures of different indigenous traditions for the advantage of creating a movie, featuring a large white cast.’

Credits: Daily Mail

People refused to watch Avatar

One tweet read, ‘Don’t watch Avatar: The Way of Water, showing Indigenous groups worldwide. Boycott it as this is racist & horrible movie. No more Blueface and Lakota people are powerful and influencing.’

Credits: The New York Times

American Attorney, Brett Chapman

Another American attorney named Brett Chapman wrote on Twitter, ‘Avatar is a White savior story to its core and director, James Cameron called the Lakota ‘Fought harder’ to the foresight, their descendant will be hopeless. It does nothing but slurps oxygen at its own expense.

Credits: Twitter

The Avatar movie Series is Thick

‘As the series of Avatar movie is thick on its ‘Colonialism white man’s going bad’ motif, the modern fans will discover the savage and assume, ‘yeah, the American natives are like that, and the White man fixed it to himself’ if ancestors were integrally savages,’ Brett wrote on Twitter.

Credits: Vanity Fair

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