27 Dec, 2022


'Avatar: The Way Of Water' Expected To Cross $1 Billion By The End Of 2022

By FactsWow Team

Avatar: The Way Of Water saw a huge box office collection of $435 million within just a week of the movie's release.

Credits: Trend Deatail News

Avatar sequel at world box office

Avatar: The Way of Water has crossed $855.4 million at the global box office.

Credits: Koimoi

Failed at domestic box office

The Domestic Box office was a failure due to bad weather conditions for this holiday season.

Credits: Polygon

Failed Chinese market

The movie envisioned a huge profit from the Chinese market, but due to increased COVID-19 casualties, theaters have been shut down.

Credits: The New York Times

Avatar 2 global box office

Despite the failure in the Domestic and Chinese markets, the movie is making a profit at the worldwide box office and is set to be the fifth most-grossed movie in 2022.

Credits: Daily pioneer

Avatar to cross $1 billion

By the end of the year, the movie Avatar: The Way of Water is expected to cross $1 billion globally.

Credits: Slash Film

2009 Avatar box office

The first part, Avatar, released in 2009, saw a global Box Office of $2.9 billion, and the sequel is expected to cross more.

Credits: Koimoi

Domestic box office will increase

So far, the Avatar sequel domestic box office has collected $278 million and is said to collect more in the coming days.

Credits: Voltage

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