29 Dec, 2022


Avatar 2 sees steady growth even on day 13

By FactsWow Team

James Cameron is unstoppable

James Cameron directed Avatar 2 is seeing a rise in numbers at the box office. It isn't slowing down anytime soon.

Credits: Digital Spy

13 days already

It's been 13 days since the movie was out in the theatres, but it continues to break the box office record.

Credits: Rolling Stone

First-day opening

On the first day, Avatar 2 bagged 40-50cr as the opening and was the second most Hollywood opener. In just eight days, the movie crossed 200 cr.

Credits: Vanity Fair

Positive response

The movie has received positive responses from fans as well as critics. Hence, everyone is undoubtedly enjoying the holiday season by investing in Avatar 2.

Credits: TV Overmind

The collection

On the second Tuesday, the movie earned ten cr, and on the third Wednesday, day 13, the movie made 9.45-10cr. The movie is still seeing steady growth instead of a fall. People are either rewatching, or they completely love it.

Credits: WinterlsComing.net

The movie crosses the 300 cr mark

Avatar 2 is all set to cross the 300 cr mark. James Cameron directs it, and it's a fictional science drama. No doubt Hollywood movies are the first choice for everyone.

Credits: Koimoi

Cast and Story

James Cameron has his staple cast, Kate Winslet, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang. It follows the story of Jake and Neytiri. To protect their family, they fight with the humans.

Credits: Koimoi

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