Australian model Amber Luke's eyes tattooed inspiration made Ireland's mom lose eyesight.

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Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

Anaya Peterson's eyes tattooed

After getting fascinated with the Australian model Amber Luke's tattooed eyes, Anaya Peterson got her eyeballs tattooed with vivid blue and pink and went blind three weeks later.

Peterson's daughter's advice

Just before getting her eyeballs tattooed, she was advised by her 7-year-old girl not to get tattooed as it would result in blindness, but it eventually happened to her kids' words

Peterson hospitalized after tattoos

After inking her eyes, Peterson was hospitalized due to the reaction to the tattoo, and now she has a huge risk of developing Cataracts.

Peterson tattooed right eye

She first tattooed her right eye blue in July 2020 and suffered from no ill effects other than dryness and headaches, and in the same year December; she tattooed her left eyeball purple.

Reaction to tattooed eyes

In August 2021, she woke up with huge swollen eyelids. Later, as her condition worsened, she visited the hospital, and doctors gave her intravenous medication for three consecutive days and biopsied her problematic eye.

Wrong tattoo procedure

Later it was revealed that Peterson's tattoo went too deep into her eyeball, leaving her blinded for three weeks. We hope Peterson recovers from her trauma and returns to her daily routine.

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