28 Dec, 2022


At the airport, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were spotted getting cozy

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The romance never ends

There is no end to the romance between Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes as they co-anchor Good Morning America.

Credits: Yahoo

After the announcement

The photos published by The Daily Mail show the GMA3 stars getting cozy at the Atlanta airport days after Christmas following the announcement of their relationship.

Credits: Eonline.com

Holding each other's hands

A photo shows Holmes, 45, around Robach, 49, while they walk through the terminal Monday, their arms around each other.

Credits: Daily Mail

A couple of journalists were revealed

Photographs of their couple getaway last month first revealed the journalist couples were romantically involved, despite being married to other people.

Credits: Reddit

A scandal has followed

Immediately following the scandal, Holmes and Hudson briefly returned to GMA, alluding to their personal lives on Dec. 2. As Holmes joked, 'It is too bad it is Friday.'.

Credits: Parade

The weekend is just around the corner

The weekend is quite exciting for me, Robach replied. It's been a great week, just hoping it continues.'

Credits: Page Six

Violation of company policy

During a call with ABC News staffers, ABC News President Kim Godwin said the relationship isn't violating company policy, though it's not a huge issue.

Credits: Page Six

Hearing the call from a source

According to The Hollywood Reporter, which cited a source listening to the call, Godwin took the last few days to think through what was best for ABC News.

Credits: CBS News

Everybody hates making decisions

Making these decisions is hard for everyone here at ABC, and it does not happen on a whim. However, we need to do this for our brand and our priorities, which are all of us.

Credits: Daily Mail

Relationship issues were addressed

While multiple outlets reported that both Holmes and Robach separated from their spouses over the past summer, neither has addressed their relationship publicly.

Credits: People.com

Stepmother Robach

In addition to being married to Shue since 2010, Robach is a stepmother to the five children she and the Melrose Place alum share between them.

Credits: Hollywood Life

Holmes is married

His first wife, Amy Ferson, and Holmes share two children except for a daughter they share with Marilee Fiebig, with whom Holmes has been married since 2010.

Credits: Us Weekly

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