Ashes of her daughter Lorena were inked into Lauren Goodger's tattoo

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Posted on: 23 Aug, 2022

Towie star Lauren started a tattoo to commemorate her daughter Lorena's short life after she passed away moments after she was born.

With Lorena's ashes infused into the tattoo ink, Lauren Goodger has created a touching tribute to her late daughter.

Her second child, Lorena, born to her ex-boyfriend Charles Drury, passed away moments after birth, causing a devastating loss to the Towie actress.

The tattoo of 'Lorena' on Lauren's forearm was a poignant way to mark the short life of her daughter. Her 854,000 followers celebrated Lorena's memory on Instagram with a new photo of her ink, which features a butterfly and her name written in cursive.

According to Lauren's Instagram story on Sunday, her ashes were tattooed onto her Lorena tattoo. There's something special about it. The ash here is now permanently tattooed on my body.

The tick emoji is on my mind every day as I go through my list of everything I have to do for my babies, my home, or my future for my Larose and our baby... this was one of the things I was thinking about every day.

A picture of the tattoo had already been uploaded to her Instagram account, captioned “Today and always for you, my sweetie” to the tune of Celine Dion's 'A Mother's Prayer.

In addition to Lauren and Charles, they have a one-year-old daughter named Larose. The umbilical cord that was tied around Lorena's neck had two knots when she was born in July.

It was too late for ten doctors to save her, according to another source. The recent death of Lauren's ex-boyfriend Jake McLean has been incredibly difficult for her. She attended his funeral after he passed away at the age of 33.

After dating from 2012 to 2016, the couple briefly reunited two years ago. On July 9, Jake was in a car with his girlfriend Yazmin Oukhellou, 31, when the vehicle plunged 70 feet off a cliff in Bodrum, Turkey.

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