Ariana Grande Hears From Jennifer Coolidge About Her Post-American Pie, 'Best Dick'

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer, the star of The White Lotus, previously said that after portraying 'the MILF,' or Stifler's mother in American Pie, she was 'drowning in guys.'

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Compelled to interview

As a result, she felt compelled to interrogate her 'thank u, next' video co-star when her equally horny friend Ariana Grande interviewed her for the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

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Ariana Grande

'You've mentioned in the media the profound influence that portraying Stifler's mother had on your life. Grande, ever the interviewer, began, 'In particular, how much dick it's gotten you.

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Coolidge opines that

Do you recall the best jibe you received when portraying Stifler's mother? After saying, 'It was absolutely the youngest fellow,' Coolidge went on to say that she had somewhat inflated the likelihood of her success. Coolidge responded, 'So I'm delighted you're asking me.

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Coolidge Stumbled upon

Back to that man, though. It was all completely legal, of course, and this one man was particularly young, but it was funny because we had to. While speaking, Coolidge occasionally stumbled.

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But Coolidge responded, 'Don't you want to know?' when Grande emphasized that she didn't have to respond.

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Readers exclaimed that

'Yes!' After that, the following morning, Coolidge recalled, 'I told him I needed to have a blow dry.' Since he was so young, we asked his mother for a recommendation for a blow dry parlour.

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It went Bizarre

The phone conversation was so bizarre that it was obvious we were sharing a bed.

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In the end

His mother suggested a location near a mall, 'so it all worked out.' Better results than Tanya getting dragged in The White Lotus, we may say.

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