15 Dec, 2022


Aquaman 2 Directors asked to reduce the Reshoot budget, which could benefit Amber Heard

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Hi there, Amber Heard Fans

There is quite a debate over Aquaman 2 over the characters' scenes since Amber is under the public radar after the defamation case with Johnny Depp, her ex-husband.

Credits: US Weekly

Amber's Mera cut short

Due to the ongoing hate, Amber has been receiving reports claiming Amber's Mera could be cut short from Aquaman 2.

Credits: New York Post

Things are working for Amber

James Wan, the director of Aquaman, has been asked to rope the movie's second instalment.

Credits: Wikipedia

Reduce the Budget

Some reports claim James is asked to reduce the budget.

Credits: Pinkvilla

Financial Restrictions

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are asked to reduce the budget due to financial constraints.

Credits: WION

Amber is making it to the big screen.

Amber might come back on the big screen despite all the hate and backlash.

Credits: Eonline

Surpassing $205 Million

The Co-Chairperson of Warner Bros, Pamela Abdy, asked James to reduce the movie's budget as it surpassed $ 205 million. Peter Safran, the Co-CEO of DC Universe, also gave the orders. James has to follow them now.

Credits: Filmstarts

No scraping

So if there is no reshoot, then the scenes of Amber Heard won't be cut. It didn't work in the director's favour but in Heard's.

Credits: Vanity Fair

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