Anti-government protests in Iran lead to the first execution

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Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

New update from the media

Iran's state media executed a man on Thursday for injuring a paramilitary officer in one of the first known executions linked to the protests that have gripped the nation since September, according to the report.

The man behind the protest

In both the Iranian judiciary-affiliated news agency Mizan Online and the semi-official news agency Tasmin, the protester has been identified as Mohsen Shekari.

The protest date

A Basij paramilitary force member was stabbed at a protest in Tehran on September 23 by him, allegedly waging war against God.

Exclusive report

On October 23, Shekari was sentenced to death and hanged on Thursday morning, according to Mizan Online. This was the first execution reported in the public media related to the protests.

The human rights issue

International action is needed to respond to this execution, called Iran Human Rights, a non-profit organization.

Shocking announcement

According to the group's director Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, his execution must be met with the strongest terms and international reactions. Otherwise, we will see the execution of protesters daily fighting for their fundamental rights.

The law processes

According to Amiry-Moghaddam, Shekari suffered no due process nor access to a lawyer of his choice during his execution by the Revolutionary Court in a 'show trial.'

Complaint against Kurdish

A deadly crackdown has been unleashed against the country's Kurdish minority group since the demonstrations began. There have been reports of forced detentions and physical abuse.

Increased sexual abuse

The Iranian government has been accused of sexually abusing protesters in its detention centers, including boys since the protests began.

The praising moment

The Supreme Leader called the protesters 'rioters' and 'thugs' backed by foreign forces and praised the Basij, a wing of the Revolutionary Guard.

Needful things for the country

A U.N. report said Iran was in a 'full-blown human rights crisis,' and a probe into human rights violations in the country was needed.

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