An unresolved cliffhanger in Chicago PD Season 10 may have been spoiled by its casting

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Posted on: 17 Aug, 2022

Season 9's big cliffhanger may have been spoiled by Chicago PD season 10 casting news. In anticipation of its September 2022 return, NBC's One Chicago franchise has returned to production. It covers Chicago PD as well, which will debut brand new episodes as part of its monumental 10th year.

Hank Voight will continue to be affected by the death of CI, Anna Avalos, given the show's dramatic season 9 finale. Due to the focus on Intelligence taking down Los Temidos in the Chicago PD season 9 finale, some long-standing plotlines remain unresolved, such as Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek.

As Kim's on-and-off couple tries to provide for Makayla, Kim's adopted daughter, they have also had to re-evaluate their relationship and decide what to do in the future. The quasi-family of Chicago PD is rearranged by Ruzek toward the end of season 9.

Kim and Makayla move into his childhood home, which was his childhood home as well. While he doesn't insist on living with them, it is still a big step to make, and with Kim has not answered yet, fans of the series are waiting for what lies ahead.

The show won't be released until September, fortunately for viewers. NBC's Chicago PD is looking for extras for a court scene filming for season 10 (via @burzekpd). It appears that Patrick Flueger will be attending a hearing regarding Makayla's adoption since he appears to be dressed formally.

By doing this, he is at least considered the child's legal guardian. The following image and casting announcement can be found below: The Chicago PD star set fans' expectations appropriately by saying that the Ruzek and Burgess situation would not be resolved until season 10.

Their decision to live under the same roof will likely take time, but NBC is making sure it's worth the wait if it does. It has been apparent for years that the couple loves each other, but they have maintained a platonic relationship.

Even though Chicago Police isn't completely closing the door on the possibility that they may reunite, it isn't actively doing anything to encourage it. This is incredibly frustrating for those still hoping they will reunite.

This may be the beginning of a long-term partnership between them if Chicago PD season 10 brings them back together. Eventually, Ruzek and Burgess can follow in the footsteps of Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton.

The presence of Makayla in their lives may ultimately motivate them to tie the knot even though they have already taken this path before.

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