An explosive fight breaks out on 'RHOBH': Lisa accuses Sutton of humiliating her

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Posted on: 05 Aug, 2022

Sutton Stracke humiliated Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin after she labeled them ungrateful after she dubbed them 'ungrateful.'.

As shown on Wednesday's episode of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' the Southern socialite once again claimed she never received a thank you from Rinna and her husband during last fall's Oscars charity party hosted by Elton John.

Stracke, who admitted to being intoxicated, said she was trying to 'f–king f–k and humiliate' the former model's family through her accusations against them.

Come as strong as you can after me every single time, so long as you don’t come after my children or my husband, period, end of the story,” Rinna, 59, screamed at her co-star while the rest of the “Housewives” looked on.

It will be to the end of days that I come for you if you do. If you come for my husband and kids, then I will f–king go after you! 

The model continued to rant after Stracke apologized repeatedly, 'You humiliated us.'. It was you who humiliated yourself, not us. Neither of us was humiliated by you... when you did it, you looked like a fool. It's time to humiliate yourself and me, Harry, and the charity tenfold.'

Rinna and Stracke, 50, butted heads earlier in the season after Stracke claimed Rinna didn't appreciate her paying for the model and her husband's Oscar party seats. Rinna still had a problem with it despite having discussed it the day before the fight.

During their fight, Stracke told Rinna, 'I didn't do it on purpose.'. 'I didn't realize the extent of the hurt it would cause.' Stracke was asked to “think about it for five f–king seconds.” Rinna asked Stracke to “think about it for five f–king seconds.”

Stracke clapped back, 'It's you who's angry at me, not the other way around.'. 'Having spoken of forgiveness, it sounds like you haven't forgiven me.'. It was a flippant remark.” The actress, however, decided to mock the Southern accent of her co-star.

Rinna, you talk out of both sides of your mouth.” Stracke retorted, infuriating her. I'm going to tell you something. Many of the ladies were stunned when Rinna yelled, 'F-k you.'. 'Stop talking like that,' she said.

Rinna is a 'soap actress,' Stracke added in her confessional, seemingly shrugging off the banishment. She confessed, 'I don't know why I get so worked up about this.'. It's still unfair.

Sutton is still hiding her true motives for doing what she did. It's Sutton who plays dumb. Her actions are clear to her. The frustration is unbearable.' Rinna and Stracke have their own 'special friendship,' Stracke said previously.

There is a special relationship between Lisa and me,' she said. It's impossible for me not to adore her.' I still love her, even if she hates me. “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs on Bravo on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET. 

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