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Posted on: 07 Aug, 2022

In the fight for environmental preservation and sustainability, two of the Charlies Angels have taken part. Draw Barrymore recently revealed that she tries to follow the advice of her best friend, Cameron Diaz, to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle by reducing the impact on the environment.

“I promised her I would become someone she had been urging me to become my whole life, environmentally conscious and living a certain way of life.”

The 47-year-old actress told People. To be able to lead a sustainable lifestyle, Cameron Daz has been her mentor and her greatest example. He further mentions that once he started living this way and engaged, he saw the world in a completely different way.

He has also stopped using plastic bags to store food, now opting to use reusable containers or recycled paper bags instead. Furthermore, you now know how important it is to close the tap when brushing your teeth to avoid wasting water.

Throughout her career, Cameron Diaz has championed sustainable living by bringing attention to environmental problems and pollution. That's why he's been doing simple tasks that anyone can do from home to make a big difference.

According to Diaz, 'I do everything that I can... be aware of my energy consumption in terms of all the lights in my house, how much energy I consume, how much water I use, how much I set the thermostat, how much I recycle.

The actress of 'The Mask' is also raising awareness of this noble initiative among her friends, family, and colleagues so that everyone can continue to enjoy nature and all its benefits. As Drew was so close to nature, it was only a matter of time before he began enjoying the simpler things in life.

One of the best examples of this is the Drew Barrymore video dancing under the rain video which did not take long to go viral on all social networks by showing the actress of ‘another source the extraterrestrial’ outlining a big smile while stating that “As long as you can go out in the rain, don’t miss the opportunity!

The actress explained to People that while it's fine, to begin with, small changes in daily life, truly sustainable change requires everyone's effort.

There is a need for both micro and macro. As well as our small individual efforts, we need companies and people who can change the world and change the rules of the game.'

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