17 Dec, 2022


An $858 Billion Military Bill passed by Congress, what's in an $858 billion bill?

By FactsWow Team

Congress passed a bill!

On Thursday, Congress approved an $858 billion military policy bill.

Credits: Albanian Daily News

Budget approved!

The military policy bill would increase the Pentagon’s budget by 8 percent and repeal the coronavirus vaccine mandate for the troops after lawmakers in chambers approved the mammoth.

Credits: The New York Times

Must-pass bills!

At the end of the year, a few bills must take up by Congress that authorizes an annual pay increase for the military and broad bipartisan support, lawmaker's national security priorities for the coming year.

Credits: Crisis Group

The funding got approved!

This year, with the protracted war in Europe and rising tension with China, lawmakers approved funding for Taiwan and Ukraine, building up the military’s sea power and provisions shielding federal judges and their families.

Credits: Bloomberg.com

Vaccine mandate repeal!

The Biden administration strongly resisted the repeal that would erode the health and readiness of the armed force. In the armed forces, most service members are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Credits: The Diplomat

Funds for Ukraine and Taiwan!

Lawmakers approved $800 million in military funding to Ukraine and created a new defense program for Taiwan, authorizing up to $10 billion over t next five years.

Credits: Military.com

Security for federal judges!

The personal information of federal judges and families identify information like Social Security and license plate numbers, schools, addresses, and places of employment.

Credits: The New York Times

Environmental protections!

Ocean conservation provisions were approved, including a ban on owning or selling shark fins in the United States. The ocean package expands the use of technology to monitor marine mammals and prevent colliding with boats.

Credits: NATO

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