18 Apr, 2023


American Idol Recap | The 16-year-old Paige Anne Returns After A Former Top 26 Contestant Drops Out

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Mentor replacement

There are 13 contestants left from American Idol's top 26 attempting to earn votes and stay in the competition. Noah Cyrus replaces Allen Stone as a mentor.

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Initial performance

The first act includes Elijah McCormick performing the Chris Janson song 'Good Vibes' engagingly and powerfully.

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Appreciation for the singer

The singer 'nailed' his performance, Katy Perry praised him, and Luke Bryan said it marked the beginning of the night well. Lionel Richie asked Elijah to 'attack even more' next time.

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Judges' decision

As a result of the elimination of one of the original top 26 singers, the judges' first alternate, Paige Anne, took on the show.

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Misusing the opportunity

While she might have been eliminated, she is taking advantage of the opportunity to return. She delivers a stellar performance of Miley Cyrus' 'Wrecking Ball.'

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Katy, about Paige's performance

She adds, 'You belong here.' Katy confesses that she does not like being wrong, but Paige's performance was 'super pro class.'

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The positive comments

'You nailed it,' Lionel says. 'That was perfect,' Luke says; it is often about luck in show business.

Media Credits: USA Today

Perfect song choice

She sings 'Heart Like a Truck' by Lainey Wilson. Luke says the song choice was 'perfect' for her. Despite a 'little shaky' end, he believes Marybeth Byrd is headed for stardom.

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We Ani

With Miley and Stevie Nick's 'Edge of Midnight,' Wé Ani captivates the audience. Lionel continues to clap long after the show is over. Having stage presence is either a talent or a weakness, he says. 'You are star quality,' he says. We's father cheers her on in the crowd, which is adorable.

Media Credits: TV Insider

Michael Williams

During Michael Williams' performance on American Idol, Katy nearly falls out of her seat during the performance. 'It was such a beautiful performance,' she says.

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Dawson Wayne

It is a departure from what Dawson Wayne has done before with 'Copycat' by Billie Eilish. Lionel says Dawson's voice is 'sweet, sensitive.' Luke says it is a 'risk' to choose that song, but fans should vote since Dawson is 'amazing.'

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Hannah Nicolaisen

A former volleyball player, Hannah Nicolaisen, is engaged! She performs an amazing rendition of Pink's 'Glitter in The Air.' Even though she is sick, Hannah still performs well. Lionel praises her for battling through her illness. In his opinion, Hannah has 'shown more growth.'

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Megan Danielle

On her 21st birthday, Megan Danielle is in Hawaii. She performs Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain.' Katy says Megan's voice stands out from many other contestants tonight because everything comes out so effortlessly.

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Malik Heard

Luke says Malik Heard did his best to date with 'Ain't It Fun' by Paramore. Malik is 'on fire!' Lionel raves about him! Katy admits Malik 'could' win the competition.

Media Credits: Talent Recap

Olivia Soli

Performing 'Motions' by Mariah Carey, Olivia Soli shows off her incredible voice once again. Lionel tells Olivia that she aspires to be a singer. Luke says she is a step above most people.

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Colin Stough

Noah has said that Colin Stough reminds her of Billy Ray Cyrus, her dad, who died in 2014. He looks like a full-fledged heartthrob without his hat on!

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Tyson Venegas

After Tyson Venegas performs Bruno Mars's 'It Will Rain,' Katy tells him that he is 'playing too much' and is a 'tremendous talent.' If she had to pick one thing he would do differently, it would be to pick the fact that he sings circles around everyone else.

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The final performance

When Nutsa performs next time, Katy suggests she flip the script of 'Paris (Ooh La La)' by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals. Lionel compliments Nutsa on her performance.

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