American Idol' fans spark pregnancy rumors through Luke Bryan's wife's cryptic Instagram posts

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Posted on: 02 Aug, 2022

The Bryan family, headed by Luke and Caroline 'Lina' Boyer Bryan, has a unique story to tell. A recent Instagram post has some American Idol fans speculating that Bryan's household is about to grow.

Lina posted an Instagram video of herself and Luke's mom LeClaire in what appears to be a tour bus before the weekend. In a mirror recording, Lina and LeClaire announced they were ready to be 'double trouble' at Luke's latest concert.

As if by magic, Lina denied taking LeClaire's shoes, which sparked a hilarious back-and-forth between the two. However, the most compelling moment was when Lina pans to the left side of the mirror and shows what appears to be a sonogram before the clip ends.

It's unknown if Lina intended to include the picture in her Instagram video, but it didn't go unnoticed by fans. Immediately following the discovery of the black-and-white photo tucked inside Lina's mirror, followers took to her Instagram comments section with questions.

Does that look like an ultrasound pic???!!!,” wrote one person. Is there a baby on the way for @linabryan3 @lukebryan?' everyone wondered after seeing the sonogram,' another added. “It looks like someone is having a baby!!!!!!,” According to another fan.

After Lina discovered what people were saying, she immediately shut down the rumors. It's not true! I'm not pregnant!!!” she replied. I remember Jordan's sonogram from last year!”

It turns out that Luke and Lina's niece, Jordan, just gave birth to a baby earlier this spring. It was in September 2021 that Jordan got married to her boyfriend Clint.

A few weeks later, the couple announced they were expecting, and their son Jonathan arrived just in time for Mother's Day. As a result, everything adds up!

American Idol viewers who have followed Luke and his family may know that the couple has raised several children together.

In summary, Lina isn't pregnant. It's likely she's been celebrating her new status as a great aunt behind closed doors.

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