American Girl is taking away all the innocence of little children by teaching them to change their Gender

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

The Doll Brand

The well-known Doll Brand American Girl teaches little children as young as three to change their Gender.

Guide to change Gender

The book contains a guide that gives children advice regarding changing their Gender.

Deceptive and Dangerous

The parents of the children have accused the brand American Girl of the book's content to be deceptive and Dangerous.

A Passage read

One paragraph in the book read for girls from 3 to 13 If the girls haven't hit Puberty, they can opt for medicine from the doctor to delay the process. Hence allowing the girls to think about changing their Gender if needed.

List of resources

The book provides a list of resources to children as a guide if they don't have an adult to trust. Mel Hammond pens the book.

Woke content by American Girl

The new book was released while it was receiving criticism from the parents. The parent company Mattel introduced a transgender doll in the market. It sells almost 30 million a year while hate crimes are increasing.

The vulgar and derogatory remarks

Telling children how they don't like their bodies and want to change them. While ironic, saying Girls should accept their body how it is and still look forward to changing it.

Stripping away innocence

A mother has gone on record to say that the book is stripping away children's innocence by teaching them to change their Gender.

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