20 Dec, 2022


Amber Heard Made ‘Difficult Decision’ With Johnny Depp Defamation Case

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Amber Heard Settled a Defamation case

On Monday, Amber Heard, 36, declared in a statement to Instagram that she has come up with a very difficult decision’ to settle for the defamation case against her former husband, Johnny Depp, 59-year-old, in Virginia.

Credits: New York Post

A Seven-person Jury

A Seven-person Jury observed that Amber defamed Johnny for domestic violence, and he was given above $10 million for damages. She said, ‘It is important for me to confirm that I never chose this. I protected my truth; my life as I knew it was destroyed.

Credits: Us Weekly

The Vilification Amber Faced

The Vilification that Amber faced through social media is an improved version of ways that women are re-victimized whenever they move onward. Now, she has a chance to be released from something over six years ago on terms she can agree to.

Credits: Yahoo

Not an act of Concession

Amber continued in a statement, ‘I’ve made no admission. This isn’t an act of Concession. No gags or restrictions are there with respect to my voice that come forward.’

Credits: Los Angeles Times

It is a Seven-figure Settlement

A source of Depp said to PEOPLE, ‘It is a seven-figure settlement, and the judgment is in the right place. Though, part of the point was the financial reasons and ensuring some significant ramifications. This decision is never going away. Johnny wanted the truth, and it was not about money.

Credits: New York Post

Johnny’s U.K. Libel Case

The actress Amber compared the testament of Johnny’s U.K. libel case in contrast to ‘The Sun’ in November 2020 that was received in the more updated testament of the U.S., writing ‘power mattered and popularity above the due process and reason.’

Credits: Wysokie Obcasy

A robust and fair system vindicated Amber.

Amber wrote on Instagram, ‘When I stood before a judge in the U.K., I was vindicated through an impartial, robust and fair system to protect from fiving the worst moments in testament ahead of world’s media. I was subjected to sexual and domestic violence.

Credits: Times of India

Type of Humiliation

Amber added, ‘In the interim, I was disclosed to a type of humiliation that I couldn’t live with. I cannot go through the situation for the third time.’ The U.S. legal process has shown my right to free speech but cannot protect me.

Credits: Today show

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