20 Dec, 2022


Amber Heard has to pay $ 1 million to settle a legal battle with Johnny Depp

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Finally the end

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case finally got a conclusion where the actress paid $ 1 million to Depp.

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Amber is under the radar

Apart from paying $ 1 million to Depp, the actress received severe backlash from the public. She has been on the public radar off lately. Amber, through her Instagram account, declared she settled the case once and for all.

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$ 10 million compensatory charges

Amber was asked to pay $10 million and $ 5 million in compensatory charges. It was later reduced to $350,000 by Virginia Court. Depp's team charged her an additional $ 2 million for a defamation case.

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Amber and Depp's story

The couple got married in 2015 and divorced a year later. Post the divorce. Amber accused Depp of Domestic abuse.

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No faith in the legal system

Very recently, Amber announced she had settled the battle between her and Depp. Now she doesn't have any faith in the legal system.

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Amber's excerpt can be stated as

She said she lost faith in the American legal system as her case stood as a piece of entertainment and social media troll. She stood before a Judge who should have been impartial, and she got the worse moments of testimony in the eyes of the media. .

Credits: The Independent

Settling the defamation case

Amber stated that a very difficult decision she made was to settle the defamation case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp. She defends her truth, but in doing so, it is destroyed. Hence now she doesn't have any faith in the American Legal System.

Credits: The New York Times

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