'All Stars 7' Highlights: Jinkx's Snatch Game Performance and 19 Others

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 30 Jul, 2022

The Platinum Plunger

All Stars 7 introduced the Platinum Plunger because none of the queens went home this season. A queen's star earning could be halted if she won every week's lip sync. The queens always chose who to block based on the competition. Joyous goofiness.

Who Did Monét Smooch?

Monét bonked which member of the AS7 cast? A fellow AS7 member hooked up with Monét during Untucked. The cast keeps that information tight-lipped. The question still haunts me... Until I find out, I may not sleep. 

Jinkx's Snatch Game

It was high expectations after she impersonated Little Edie during Season 5, but Jinkx smashed them. Incredibly talented, brilliant, and show-stopping. The story is full of quotable moments.

When I heard him ask, 'Is that my camera?' I had to stop and catch my breath from laughing so hard. The Snatch Game Queen, Jinkx, truly proved herself. Our homage goes out to you!

Raja's Finale Runway

Raja has proven over and over that she is THE fashion queen throughout the entire season. She had one of the best runway looks of the week, I may even say it was a SHOOT.

Combined with yellow contacts, the gown looks like an aquatic alien. The runway print she left on our minds will last forever, reminding us who she is. It is an understatement to call her legendary.

Vivienne's Dolly Lip Sync

Tove Lo as the guest judge didn't give us the explosive Disco T*ts lip sync we deserved, but we got something even better. It was scary how accurate Viv's Dolly illusion was.

There was nothing but Dolly about this lip sync. It was her characterization that made this lip sync stand out from the rest. On the main stage, it was as if we were watching Dolly herself. The moment was hers...and she seized it.

Monét's Talent Show

Oh my gosh. It's like WHOA. It wasn't the first time Monét had sung like that. There was a moment of silence when she sang... My toes were tingling with that operatic bass.

Chills all over the body. Her soaking up of it was a standout moment. Her three-star win was well deserved, Henny! Monét's performance propelled her into the lead, earning her five stars and a place in the finals.

Jinkx's Roast

There was nothing she couldn't tell a joke about! It was full of jokes. They were jokes, I saw them. A masterclass in cooking was presented during this performance. Is this a dream? Tears welled up in my eyes.

One of five challenges Jink completely dominated, her ability to captivate a room is undeniable. As the season's most blocked queen, it is understandable why.

Jaida/Trinity Double Design Win

There was fashioning going on among the fashion girls. The two design challenges were won by Jaida and Trinity not once, but twice. Drag race fans love rematches if there is one thing they love. In addition, they each won one of these lip sync contests. Ideally, we would be able to break the tie with one more design challenge... It's my life, girl!

Yvie's Bald Cap Reveal

A major surprise was delivered by Yvie during the Lip Sync Smackdown for the She Done Already Done Had Herses Crown. The wig cap was exposed when her wig slipped off. Upon removing said wig cap, she revealed Another wig underneath. Despite being a fresh take on the classic Roxxxy Andrews wig removal trick, RuPaul wasn't impressed.

Shea's Talent Show

Shea Couleé should never be underestimated. Her original song was the final challenge. Her stage presence is unmatched. It was as if Janet's spirit had taken possession of her body. In just 45 seconds, Shea went from last place to finalist thanks to her powerful performance.


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