Host George Stephanopoulos' wife spotted in shallow water with a net

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Ali Wentworth

Ali Wentworth, known as the wife of ‘Good Morning America’ star George Stephanopoulos, is becoming a social media influencer. She always manages to upload the best memories of her life with her fans and followers.

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Ali, with her unusual Photo

The 58-year-old producer and actress recently took to Instagram to share a casual photo with everyone. Ali Wentworth is better known for catching eye-popping moments with family and friends on vacation, where she posted a fuzzy photo of herself

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Ali held Huge Fishing Net

Ali’s face is hardly visible, though fans have noticed she’s standing under the shallow water with a large fishing net and trying to scoop something from the deep water.

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Ali’s Instagram Snap

In a photo shared by Ali Wentworth on her Instagram account, the actress was captured with one foot submerged in the water. She leaned down, employing a fishing net with both hands to retrieve something from the aquatic surroundings

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Ali’s Actions Confirmed Publicly.

The Photo was taken afar; fans can easily find that Ali was seen in the picture and did all the work. She was only confirmed after a 58-year-old woman on Instagram posted a story.

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Ali Shared a photo of ‘Clams

The picture showed a glimpse of what Ali was making happen. If she succeeded in her actions or not was only responded to by her Insta Story. Ali Wentworth shared photos of all the clams she handled with a net from the shallow waters in her Instagram story.

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Ali held the clam using her palm.

With a tight close-up, she held the clam using the palm of her hand and took a snap with her fans & followers. It can be viewed as a bag from her Insta, full of clams in the background, indicating that her visit to the water to catch some clams was victorious.

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Fans commented on her Story

The reason why she was collecting all these calms may wonder why the fans were commenting on all her theories. Keep reading the trending news from Factswow.com and explore the latest insights of the Hollywood Section.

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‘Will & Grace’ star, Sean Hayes.

The fans & followers of Ali Wentworth are always keeping their eyes on her posts. Her trendy post remains a dime a dozen. The star of ‘Will & Grace,’ Sean Hayes, wrote a tagline, ‘Picking up dinner.’ While others have written, ‘looks funny. Where does the calm go?

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Fans commented on Ali’s Photo.

The third user said, Clamming, do you make your stuffies? Others said that they need to learn how it makes it happen. While the fifth user said, ‘Clams do not take a chance,’ and the last user said guys, it looks like she is walking on water.

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