07 Jan, 2023


Alba Baptista, the girlfriend of Chris Evan, scares each in a clip

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Looking back at 2022

Chris shared a video on his social media account. It had some scenes from the hotel rooms and their family.

Media Credits: Page Six

Boyfriend's tricks

At the end of the video, Alba caught Chris's tricks. Chris is coming forward to scare Alba. While Alba says, she knows it.

Media Credits: Entertainment Tonight


Chris has given his fans a look at his romantic life with Alba. Some pictures were circulated via the internet. In the picture, the couple is spotted walking down Central Park.

Media Credits: Page Six

The twinning game is strong

In the pictures, Alba and Chris wore matching sunglasses and face masks.

Media Credits: NY Breaking


A source close to Chris and Alba has been dating for a while. The source claimed the couple is very serious about each other. His family loves Alba.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Chris is the Sexiest Man of 2022

Before the couple announced their relationship in the public domain, Chris was named Sexy Man Alive. In a cover story, he even said. He wants to settle down.

Media Credits: POPSUGAR

It's not work. It's a relationship

Chris said that of all the artists. It's not about their work. But how did they make and maintain the relationship? Chris said he wanted that too.

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