AGT' Survivor Ava Swiss wows judges: 'This is one of those auditions I'll never forget

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Posted on: 30 Jul, 2022

The 18-year-old survivor of a school shooting stunned the judges on last night's episode of America's Got Talent with her powerful performance of Lauren Daigle's 'Remember'.

The judges asked Ava Swiss, a senior from Oxford High School in the U.S., why she selected the song for her audition in the first place.

The Oxford school shooting took place on Nov. 30, with my brother and me participating,' Swiss said. Four students have died and seven others have been injured, including a teacher.

As judge Simon Cowell asked how she was doing, she said, 'it's been hard, and that she had spoken to her brother about never returning to school. She said things are getting better.' She told the judges, 'When I sing, I remember my community, my family, just love. 

She received a standing ovation from each of the four judges following her compelling performance, as well as four yes votes. As Howie Mandel put it, 'In life, it's difficult to show up, especially after having been through trauma.

As a human being, I find it so inspirational that you were able to overcome such an obstacle and shine like you did today as an example for everyone. That's why you shine, so you deserve to be recognized.

A strong performance from Swiss brought Sofia Vergara to tears, telling her she was not just singing, but showing her emotions. Heidi Klum called her incredible.

As Cowell said, 'this will be one of those auditions I will never forget in my entire life.' Cowell told E! Online. There is so much respect I have for you that I cannot put into words.

She told People earlier this year that she was looking forward to reaching more people and sharing her story and voice in the next round of the competition.

As with all of this experience, one of my favorite parts has been meeting so many new people, even back when I was in LA in April, it was a wonderful part of my trip.

As I said before, I met some really interesting people on Nov. 30, and I had some really interesting people reach out to me, so it just goes to show how much kindness is out there.

source: decider

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