'AGT' fans disagree On Chibi Unity's Group Golden Buzzer Victory!

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Golden buzzer moment!

On August 8th, the final audition episode of 'America's Got Talent' Season 18 debuted, and the dance group Chibi Unity was awarded the Golden Buzzer by the show's four judges and presenter Terry Crews.

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Fans are disappointed!

People at home seemed to disagree with their choice of Chibi Unity for this season, feeling that they could have been better than the winners from the previous season, The Mayyas.

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Judges were impressed!

Chibi Unity, a Japanese dance group, wowed Judge Sofia Vergara with their vivacious audition. The other Judges, who were as enthralled, pressed the Group Golden Buzzer.

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Motivated to audition!

The Mayyas, Sofia's Season 17 Golden Buzzer team who went on to win the entire season, inspired the group to apply for the show, the Chibi Unity group said before their performance.

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Mesmerizing performance!

When Chibi Unity performed their dazzling and amazingly in-sync dance performance, the judges couldn't stop praising them.

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Comments from Howie Mandel!

Howie Mandel added, 'The emotion you express via dance is inspiring... I adore skill and rapidity. I would love to catch a performance from you in Las Vegas for an hour.

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Appreciation from Heidi Klum!

Heidi Klum found it to be pleasing 'because it was unexpected.' She said, 'It was very dynamic and super good.'

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New episodes of AGT!

Every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, brand-new episodes of 'America's Got Talent' Season 18 are shown.

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