After passing her USA Citizenship test, Lindsay Ell celebrates with Little Big Town

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Posted on: 09 Dec, 2022

Dual Citizenship

Lindsay Ell now has dual citizenship. The Canadian Singer passed the American Citizenship test and celebrated after receiving the documents.

Instagram statement by Lindsay Ell

She describes her struggle with the process for citizenship and how it is fulfilled.

Performance for Little Big Town

As a celebration of her citizenship, Lindsay performed an opening act during the summer.

Celebrations with Champagne

In an Instagram video, Lindsay is seen celebrating along with other musicians with a bottle of champagne. At the same time, Party in the USA plays in the Background.

Big Town threw a party for Lindsay

When Lindsay passed her American citizenship, they threw her a party. So Lindsay thanked them on Instagram, stating, 'To the Sweetest people.'

Parties are incomplete without cake

The party was joined by Hendrix, Ell's adorable Pomeranian, and some cake. The comments read, 'Congratulations on becoming an American'

Lindsay writes

Let this remind you that you can do whatever you want to in life if you want it badly enough. I am now proud to be a dual citizen. ???????? ????????.

Inspired by Shania

Lindsay said she watched Shania's video and always wanted to do what she had done. Amazingly, she is a queen.

Thank You!

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