Adele's Top 10 Hits In Her Honour!

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Adele is the stage name for Adele Laurie Blue Adkins. One of the most popular and influential British painters of her time, she might be said to be.

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Melt My Heart to Stone!

'Melt My Heart to Stone' is Adele's favorite track from the album 19. 'I simply adore it. She revealed to The Guardian as part of their 1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear series, 'When I composed it, I was weeping. The breakup of a relationship is the subject of the song.

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Water Under the Bridge!

The song 'Water Under the Bridge' can be found on 25 by Adele. It grows and swells with exquisite instrumentation. Adele's incredible vocals make this song feel vast and dramatic while also being perfect for casual radio listening.

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Send My Love (To Your New Lover)!

Max Martin, Shellback, and Adele worked together to write 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)' for the popular music genre. Adele had not heard of Martin or Shellback before this song was recorded.

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Chasing Pavements!

Adele's first significant American success is 'Chasing Pavements.' The song also brought her one of her first Grammy Awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. She triumphed against Duffy, Katy Perry, Leona Lewis, Sara Bareilles, and P!nk.

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According to Adele, 25 is a 'make-up record,' whereas 21 is a 'breakup record.' Her popular song 'Hello' is an excellent illustration of finding peace—not just with partners but also with oneself.

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This song is on our list of the Top 10 James Bond Theme Songs, and we're now bringing it back! Adele's 'Skyfall' is unquestionably a great creation. Her seductive flair and appreciation for dramatic songwriting are what made it fashionable to create another Bond song.

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Set Fire to the Rain!

The structure of 'Set Fire to the Rain' may appear familiar to listeners of breakup songs: a lady and a boy fall in love, he makes a lot of huge promises, they break up, and she finds out he lied.

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When We Were Young!

If you tend to feel sentimental quickly, 'When We Were Young' could be one of the simplest songs in music history to make you cry. The renowned minimalist composer Philip Glass even owned the piano utilized for the track.

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Someone Like You!

Another well-known song from 21 called 'Someone Like You' served as the second single from the album. The song, which ends the album 21 and was inspired by a failed relationship, was written.

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Rolling In the Deep!

In response to abuse from a former boyfriend of Adele, 'Rolling In the Deep' was written. She described the vengeance song as 'sort of my musical equivalent of saying things in the heat of the moment, and word-vomiting.'

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