All Actors Who Played Superman Over The Years

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Many actors have gained popularity by getting filmed as superman through the years that was full of graphics and it was a challenege when there was less technology in the year 1938. At that time the screen was black and white and it was surely a role that has altered everyone’s career. I am listing down the actors who played the superman role from the start.

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Kirk Alyn

He wa sthe first actor who was cast in the very first movie of superman in the year 1938, at that time the screen was black and white, and it was shooted in the form of episodes and the film consisted of 15 episodes.

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George Reeves

In the year 1951, he was featured in the first in the comic book category that was called Superman and the Mole Man. Then comic book was then transferred into a television. It was first released in the black and white picture and successfully after running for two seasons and the costume color could be seen in blue, red and yellow in the year 1958.

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Christopher Reeve

In 1978, there was a makeover which was a hit, at that time he played the character with Marlon Brandon. In the year 1995, he was injured and suffered with a spinal injury while he was riding horse and he was paralysed from the neck down. This was the injury that made him stop casting for the movie again and he got died in 2004.

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Dean Cain

He played the character of Man of Steel in the show called “The New Adventures of Superman and Lois Lane was the lover of his in the movie. It had four seasons and aired from 1993 to 1997.

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Tom Welling

Tom Wellng was the best person chosen for the Superman Character and he was loved by the audience. It had 10 seasons and he did not wear the Superman Suit until the finale episode of the movie premiered

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Brandon Routh

He was a legend when it comes to talk about comic book, came to the screen in the year 2006. He was filmed in the movie titled ‘Superman Returns.

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Henry Cavill

He was the first Superman character who was not from America and starred in the film in the year 2013. He was very sad while posting on it social media that he is going to play that role again in 2022.

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Tyler Hoechlin

He was already very popular of being the hero and became more recognized after getting enrolled for Superman in the year 2021. Then he was taken in different shows like The flash and Arrow and Supergirl.

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David Corenwest

Now its time to see a fresh face in the movie, he will be coming on screen in 2023 with Lois Lane, whose role is played by Rachel Brosnahan. The news is already confirmed by himself on twitter in the month of June.

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