19 Dec, 2022


Actor Luke Grimes breaks out with his debut single 'No Horse to Ride': 'Beyond a Dream Come True'

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Release of Grimes' debut album

'No Horse to Ride' was Luke Grimes' debut single from American Sniper. Grimes is best known for playing Marc Lee on the show and Kayce Dutton on Yellowstone.

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The music described by Grimes

As he mentioned the release of his new single, Grimes described music as his first love.

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The dream of a lifetime

In the beginning, this is beyond a dream. I am indebted to those who helped make this dream a reality, and I will do my best to ensure the songs remain true to their original intent.'

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As a child, Grimes played music

Born into a Pentecostal family with a Pentecostal preacher father, Grimes grew up playing music in church, learning guitar, drums, and piano.

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Building a career as an actor

Meanwhile, he was building up his acting career, playing the drums for a Los Angeles-based country band and writing songs.

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Label of legends

As a member of Range, Grimes will sign a record deal and become a part of the legendary label home to country heavyweights like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, and Eric Church.

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The impact of country music

Luke will expand the sound and reach of country music as a country music artist who taps into the same level of honesty and authenticity.

Credits: localtoday.news

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