27 Dec, 2022


Aaron Gordon Comes Up With Dunk Of The Year On Christmas Day: He Humiliates His Opponents

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The Tradition

Christmas Day basketball has become a tradition in North America, with the NBA offering a full holiday program of matches, and these games were good in 2022.

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NBA Christmas Bonanza

Aaron Gordon provided the standout moment from the NBA Christmas bonanza, coming up with a contender for Dunk of the Year.

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The Landry Shamet

With the Denver Nuggets leading 124-123 in overtime against the Phoenix Suns, Gordon delivered a brutal one-handed dunk that overshadowed Landry Shamet.

Credits: The Fort Morgan Times

Hung For A Fraction

He hung in the hoop for a moment and miraculously avoided falling on his opponent, who lay down on the ground for a foul call. Explosions rattled Denver's Pepsi Center as the game approached.

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The Injury

After a wild dunk, in a game that didn't end in injury due to Gordon's good reaction, Landry Shamet quickly got off the ground and claimed the foul that would have saved him from historic humiliation.

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The Physical Dominance

The physical domination he underwent at Christmas will be remembered for the rest of his career.

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An Additional Free Throw

The referee checked the play for a possible offensive foul, but an extra free throw in favor of a dunk ended the game for the Denver Nuggets. Shutting out that dunk would have been a crime against the sport of basketball.

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An Amazing Dunk Attempt

However, it wasn't the only great dunk attempt to feature in the NBA's Christmas Day coverage, with Ja Morant producing a moment of his own.

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The Efforts

The Memphis Grizzlies star jumped like Michael Jordan to clear two defenders and slammed in a one-handed slam, but his shot didn't reach the basket, and he couldn't score, giving Gordon a shot.

Credits: The Fort Morgan Times

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