28 Dec, 2022


A ‘Torture’ Experience By Jake Gyllenhaal, Filming With Jennifer Aniston

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Jake Gyllenhaal

Filming distant scenes can be anything, though, a cakewalk. The experience of Hollywood actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, showed evidence of it.

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Jennifer Aniston

The actor had disclosed that he felt ‘awkward’ when he filmed intimate scenes with Jennifer Aniston, explaining the entire experience as ‘torture,’ reported by Mirror.co.uk.

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The 2002 comedy, ‘The Good Girl’

The two actors are seen in ‘The Good Girl movie in 2002 comedy which trails the lovers to end up an affair and get bored in their dead-end jobs. Jake Gyllenhaal, 42, said that he had a crush on fifty-three-year-old Jennifer, which made it hard to film intimate scenes.


Jake Gyllenhaal Pranked

Jake Gyllenhaal pranked in an appearance on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ and said, ‘It was torture but was also not torturing. I imply that it was a mixture of both. Strangely, darling scenes are awkward because 30 to 50 people are watching. This does not turn me on.

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Resemble As A Fight Scene

Jake Gyllenhaal added, ‘It was mechanical. And it’s like a dance, choreographing for the camera. One of those parts that seem like a fight scene to choreograph and I’ve always tried for it.

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Jake’s words to Howard

Jake Gyllenhaal told the presenter, Howard, that the actress Jennifer Aniston suggested using the pillow to feel more relaxed and comfortable while shooting for the bedroom scenes.

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